Virtual Assembly Eliminates Field-Fits

The Client’s Critical Issue

Pre Delivery Wireframe

For a module measuring 110 feet wide and 65 feet high, verifying the build and discovering any errors before delivery to a chemical plant in West Africa is of critical concern. The module is made from high-alloy and high-wall-thickness steel. The cost of rework at the installation site would be astronomical.

The Dimensional Engineering Solution

We collected the complete structure in a “3D Smart View,” recreating the as-built condition in electronic format. We compared the 3D point could to a solid model to look for possible design errors. Our work included validating all critical dimensions of piping positions, flange orientations, openings, and more.

The Value We Provided

Our “Virtual Built and Bolt” process verified an error-free module and gave the client a high level of confidence in the build.

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