Precision Laser Alignment

Misalignment issues can cause excessive vibration, noise, coupling, and bearing temperature increases in rotating equipment. Eventually, these issues will cause premature bearing, coupling, or shaft failure. These failures can result in unscheduled downtime, increased product rejects, and shorter equipment life.

Dimensional Engineering uses the most advanced laser technology and software to ensure you get the most accurate, precise, and reliable alignment results. The advanced equipment we use allows us to provide quick turnaround without sacrificing accuracy. We utilize laser trackers and portable CMM’s that are high accuracy, coupled with software that provides real-time data as the measurements are taken.

Harness the power of our knowledgeable and experienced team to optimize the performance of your equipment. Our precision laser alignment services have been used to align shafts, turbines, pumps, and compressors. No matter the size or industry, Dimensional Engineering can provide the alignment service you need!