Reverse Engineering Master Models

The Client’s Critical Issue

Risk management is a high priority for every manufacturer. A Fortune 200 aircraft manufacturer aimed to reduce the risk of damage and the loss of physical parts by digitally archiving a large portion of their certified master models, including the outer skins of two complete airplanes.

The Dimensional Engineering Solution

Dimensional Engineering won the project based on two competitive advantages:

Having proposed the right digital archiving strategy and methodology; and, even more importantly,

Having the experience and expertise required for this new style of product cataloguing.

We digitized each model with a laser scanner, and meticulously collected scribe lines. Where needed, we recreated imperfect or deteriorated model surfaces to the proper standards. When all data was collected, we created a complete CAD model and shared it with the client’s quality assurance team for certification.

The Value We Provided

In the past, the client needed to rebuild lost or damaged models, using the fragile 2D engineering drawings, and recertify them with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Now, the digital data is on file, allowing fast and smooth recreations.

An added benefit was the conversion of costly space no longer needed for storage into valuable production/manufacturing space.

“The return-on-investment from this project has been huge,” says the client. “We entrusted the digital archiving to Dimensional Engineering, and we couldn’t have done it without them.”