Virtual Assembly Verifies Intercoolers Before Installation

The Client’s Critical Issue


The manufacturer of a vessel intercooler for a gas-turbine power plant needed to monitor the dimensional stability of the vessel during fabrication. The vessel is 60 feet high and 18 feet in diameter. It is especially important to report any distortion caused by welding the interior structures so corrections can be made quickly.

Smartview scanner

The Dimensional Engineering Solution

We created a “3D Smart View” of the entire vessel, allowing us to monitor installation of the 60-foot interior rails that receive the radiator. We also aligned and inspected the 60-foot exterior rails that insert the radiator. It is critical to ensure that all exterior and interior rails are parallel for the insertion process.

All flanges and facing equipment must be properly oriented and aligned. The layout of holes for receiving components must also be verified.

The Value We Provided

The client told us this was their fastest installation on record. No modifications were necessary. After installing the first intercooler successfully, the client has had Dimensional Engineering monitor all subsequent installations of the vessel.