OEM Archives Legacy Tooling with Reverse Engineering

Digital models

The Client’s Critical Issue

A major off-highway and construction equipment manufacturer conducted an internal risk management assessment and concluded that recreating some of its specialized fiberglass tooling would be almost impossible in case the originals were destroyed by fire or some other influence of the elements.

The Dimensional Engineering Solution

Although the client had existing 3D digital data for the tooling, the CAD models had not been updated to reflect any modifications to the original tools. Thus the task of retooling, if needed, would likely be a highly painful process.

To address this potential problem, Dimensional Engineering completely scanned the tools and archived the complete 3D digital data for the client.

The Value We Provided

The client now has the security they were previously lacking. They know that if recreating the specialized fiberglass tooling should ever be needed, they have accurate, up-to-date 3D digital data that can spare them from unnecessary retooling expense.